Monday, March 14, 2011

Young Rebellion

Last summer Canadian indie pop trio, Young Empires, helped me out with my Internet marketing skills. This month the Internet darlings are back with a remix for "Rain of Gold." This is where I'd usually say they have an exciting new album on the way out on an exciting new label, but to tell you the truth, these guys still aren't signed... and I think that's how they like it.

One look at their MySpace reveals that this is a band made for the Internet age. High quality music videos adorn the site with newsletter sign-ups that lead to "MP3 bundles."

There's a lot to see and hear from Young Empires -- from the dark 808 State grooves in "Glory of the Night," to the dance-punk "Against the Wall" and the popular "Rain of Gold," today's featured track (below) remixed by Brooklyn's French Horn Rebellion, who recently played Toledo.

Although it may seem as if Young Empires is in a perpetual Demo mode, an LP is highly anticipated by both Entertainment Weekly and NME so look for it -- along with a possible interview with yours truly -- soon. Also, someone give these guys a deal. Kitsune?

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