Friday, September 17, 2010

New home

Welcome to the new Make-Out Music. With a new layout. A new host. And most exciting, new posts. Make-Out Music was previously hosted by tumblr, but after a year I found it to be too cumbersome: be it the comments, the posting or just my obsessive compulsive need to design everything myself. Put simply, it wasn't for me. So here we are at Blogger, the de-facto host for most bloggers, and for good reason. It's easy and quick and that means I'll be posting several times a week as long as Google doesn't erase me from existence.

Some things may eventually be carried over from the old location, but for now let's look to the future together. If tumblr was the experiment, then this is the research paper. If you've had enough metaphors, then rest assured that was the last one. New interviews, videos, a possible podcast and, of course, great pop music shall be quickly filling up these pages so please keep in touch (via RSS/Twitter/commenting/telepathy/etc.). Also, if you have any music of your own you'd like featured, please send it in to All submissions are welcome.

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